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    Safe and Healthy Non-Toxic Pest Control in Skokie, IL

    No one should have to choose between having a space that’s overrun with bugs or a space that’s full of harmful, bad-smelling chemicals. Midwest Freeze Dry has the service and technology to ensure no one ever has to. We use only chemical-free, non-toxic pest control in Skokie, IL, and elsewhere, making them much healthier for your interior and safer for pets and children. Our customizable treatments offer an eco-friendly result that’s clean, effective, and lasting.

    Chemical-free odor removal from Midwest Freeze Dry removes all bad smells and contamination, so it’s like the infestation never happened. This means removing both the bugs and their waste and eggs in a way that doesn’t hurt your property or the people in it. Our team is prepared to sterilize textiles like carpet, rugs, and furniture as well as preserve books, paper, and documents too, where necessary. This thorough pest control and other non-toxic solutions are available for all kinds of clients. Some of our most famous have been government and commercial entities like:

    • Art Institute of Chicago
    • Chicago Public Library
    • City of Chicago
    • Kraft Foods
    • McDonald’s Corporation
    • National Museum of Mexican Art
    • Purdue University
    • State of Illinois Attorney General
    • Veterans Administration of Wisconsin

    Our Non-toxic Approach to Odor Removal

    With our chemical-free odor removal service, we can remove bad smells from your property without risking damage to your carpet, upholstery, or textiles. Plus, our process is designed to remove the source of the odor and not just mask it. We can remove odors from a large variety of materials that other products and techniques may damage. So, when you need to remove bad smells from your business or institutional property, rely on our skilled team to deliver the non-toxic solution you need. To learn more about our odor removal services or to schedule a visit from our team, reach out to our office.

    Top Quality Results

    Our company is dedicated to consistently delivering exceptional results to our clients. We regularly provide pest control and odor removal services to a wide range of government and commercial organizations and work diligently to ensure complete client satisfaction. We always provide safe and non-toxic solutions using our own chemical-free odor removal techniques. So, whether you need to remove odors from textiles or documents or you need us to deal with a pest problem, our team is always ready to provide the exceptional solutions you require.