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    Odor Removal

    Odor is most difficult to deal with when it involves large quantities of books, papers, documents and textiles.

    Effective Odor Removal in Skokie, IL

    There are few things that can be as unsettling as a lingering, offensive odor in your home or business. While these odors might be a fairly common problem for many property owners, they can also be rather difficult to efficiently and effectively deal with. That is why more and more people are turning to the professionals at Midwest Freeze Dry when they are in need of odor removal in Skokie, IL.

    Offensive odors can be a result of many different things, including proximity to a fire or mold, and improper storage. It can be the most difficult to deal with when the odor has attached itself to large quantities of books, papers, documents, and textiles.

    Fungal growth, for example, quite often results in the musty odors which are common in library archives and old collections of books and documents. Articles which have been in a fire or even near a fire can take on a burned, smoky odor. Cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, pets, and other animals, including skunks, can also contribute to rather unpleasant odors as well.

    Thankfully, we have the chemical-free odor removal solution you need to get your items and property back from the clutches of unwanted stenches. Our new, cost-effective odor removal process is capable of handling both small and large volumes of material.

    Our Textile Odor Removal Process

    Masking agents are often used by other firms to try and take care of problematic odors. The problem with masking agents are that they simply “mask” or hide the odor, they do not remove it. It is the same thing as trying to treat a symptom, but not the disease itself. Even worse, many common masking agents are often oil based, which means they can leave a residue on the materials being treated. Such residues can be difficult to remove, and can likely be harmful–particularly if absorbed through the skin when handled or breathed in.

    Our company, on the other hand, never uses ozone (an oxidizing agent that can change the composition of the treated material) or masking agents in our unique and cost-effective process. Our research–as well as other independent research–shows that the use of ozone degrades paper and causes fading, loss of tensile strength, and a reduced life expectancy of vellum books, paper books, documents, papers, archival records, artwork, and textiles.

    Instead, we actually remove the bad odor. Our process won’t leave any residue on your material or cause further damage. Our chemical-free odor removal process has been used to treat numerous libraries, collections, and legal documents. The possibilities are endless with our affordable odor removal services. Turn to us when you need odor eliminated from:

    • Books
    • Papers
    • Files
    • Objects
    • Textiles
    • Documents
    • Photographs
    • Prints
    • Drawings
    • Paintings
    • Vellum Books
    • Leather Books

    Contact us for more information about how we remove odor from paper and other textiles. Our team is ready to work with clients located throughout the Skokie, Illinois, area.