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    Infested Textiles


    Textile Sterilization in Skokie, IL

    The Importance of Textile Infestation Services in Skokie, IL

    Bug infestations tend to happen where you least suspect them. Aside from ants all over the yard and termites in the walls, there is another place where these unwanted creatures can stay—your sheets, rugs, furniture, and other textiles.

    Don’t let creepy crawlies take over your home. Instead, count on Midwest Freeze Dry to provide the textile infestation services in Skokie, IL. You need to keep your bedding, rugs, clothing, carpeting, and other materials free of insects and other pests. Your various textiles will remain clean and free of insects and arachnids when you take advantage of our skill, knowledge, and access to the latest in bug purging technology. Contact us today to request a consultation about our textile sterilization services.

    The Effective Way to Remove Bugs from Textiles

    Carpet beetles, months, and other pests can ruin the appearance and integrity of your favorite textiles. Whether they target carpets and rugs or your furniture and upholstery, no surface is safe from these pests when they make it into your home. That is why you need to fight back with the help of our specialists. We specialize in treating and sterilizing infested textiles to stop their infestations dead in their tracks.

    The textile infestation services we provide aren’t just effective but safe for people and pets. We do not use solvents, tumbling, or brushes during the process either—which helps to protect your fibers. Instead, we use a state-of-the-art vacuum chamber treatment that doesn’t coat your textiles with harmful chemicals. This allows us to remove insects and pests as well as their waste, eggs, and offspring in one treatment. This service also includes chemical-free textile odor removal.

    This proprietary, anoxic technology is used by our specially trained and rigorously experienced technicians. This combination of cutting-edge technology and impressive expertise ensures lasting results that make your living spaces safer, more attractive, and less smelly.

    Safe, Effective, & Thorough

    Insects and other pests have learned to adapt to their environment. What does that mean for you? It means they have developed defense mechanisms that protect them against many of the conventional pesticides and cleaning agents that have been used over the decades.

    Consequently, many of the most common pest treatments will no longer get rid of the problem. Even worse, the residues these older—more toxic—treatments leave can put you and your loved ones in harm’s way.

    When you want your textile infestation issues handled effectively and safely, turn to the professionals at our pest control company. The methods we use will help you successfully get rid of your pests without leaving harmful residues or changing the composition of your possessions. Our talented team of specialists has treated everything from zoological specimens to museum artifacts—and they bring that same level of care when treating your home.