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    Vacuum Freeze Drying in Skokie, IL

    Reliable Vacuum Freeze Drying in Skokie, IL

    Do you have waterlogged or water-damaged documents, artwork, or other valuable materials that are at risk of destruction? To save these materials as best as possible vacuum freeze drying is the best way.  American owned and operated – Midwest Freeze Dry has provided vacuum freeze drying services that are specially optimized for paper for over thirty years. Odor removal, textile restoration, and chemical-free pest control services are part of what we do also. We work with a variety of businesses, museums, art galleries, and other organizations when they need safe and non-destructive ways to protect their valuable artifacts.

    Whether you’re attempting to salvage a piece of art after flooding or a pipe burst or you recovered a valuable book or document from a waterlogged site, we can help you achieve the best result possible in the recovery effort, safely and as best as possible. We are committed to a non chemical approach for your safety, the environment and the good of the objects that we treat.  Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable professionals to discuss your situation or schedule service.

    What is Vacuum Freeze Drying?

    Freeze drying is a technique by which material is frozen, then dehydrated by sublimation with retention of form.  Sublimation is the process by which the contained water passes directly from a frozen to a gaseous state, avoiding a liquid state completely.  In the first step before vacuum freeze drying, the water-damaged articles are quickly frozen.  This minimizes the formation of ice which can damage the paper in water-damaged books,  documents.  Frozen material is placed in a vacuum chamber treatment where the freeze-drying process takes place.  The time needed to completely dry materials varies according to the thickness of the material, type of paper, and the degree of saturation.  Vacuum freeze drying does not distort, is noninvasive, and produces no chemical damage.

    What If I’m Too Late?

    Have you discovered that the water damage to your documents or textiles has caused mold or mildew growth or other types of extensive damage? If you’ve discovered the moisture damage too late, we provide property recovery services for all needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your options, ranging from the reproduction of documents and deodorization of mildewed textiles to non-chemical fumigation to remediate ( make the severity less) mold or other damage. With our vacuum freeze-drying and other services, you can save your treasured or important, water-damaged materials.

    Contact us to discuss your needs or place an order. We are proudly American Owned and Operated based in  Skokie, Illinois. We are minutes from downtown Chicago and are happy to receive materials from out of our state.