Quick Tips

Learn more about the services from MFD. To help you better understand our work in Chicago, IL, we have compiled some industry tips for your information.


Water-damaged books and paper documents should be frozen as quickly as possible to dry them faster. Subzero temperatures inhibit mold growth and the deterioration of water-damaged documents, books, and magazine stock (coated paper), minimizing the tendency for these materials to form an inseparable block.

In an extreme winter emergency, water-damaged paper documents and leather books can be stored out of doors as long as they are not exposed to temperatures above freezing or excessive moisture, i.e., snow or sleet.


Do not be fooled by rosy promises of ozone as a cheap or easy answer to odor problems. MFD does not use ozone in our processes because independent research has shown it degrades paper and causes fading, loss of tensile strength, and, consequently, accelerated aging. It also cuts down the life expectancy of vellum books, paper books, documents, paper, archival records, artworks, and textiles.

Use our non-ozone, non-toxic pest control process instead, and achieve better results and extend the useful life of your object.

Mold-Damaged Paper

For water-damaged materials left it too long, such as irreplaceable records, documents, or objects, we can help. We have recovered mold-damaged personal property as best as possible by utilizing our exclusive treatment options and conventional methods. We create custom solutions that may include

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