Preferred Odor Removal Services in Chicago, IL

It is challenging to deal with offensive, lingering odors in your home or workplace, especially when it involves large quantities of books, papers, documents, and textiles. Fortunately, MFD has the solution.

Count on us for the most efficient and effective textile odor removal services in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas. We are always ready to help property owners eliminate foul smells from various surfaces.

The Source of Odors

The source of unpleasant odors can vary significantly, from mold and mildew exposure to the presence of pets and other animals, including skunks. Cigar smoke, cigarette smoke, and smoke from fires are other familiar sources of foul odors. Additionally, fungal growth is another culprit in the musty odors you may have smelled in library archives and old book collections.

Regardless of the source, these odors can linger on various materials, including paper documents, books, and textiles that have been improperly stored. To help remove these odors from your property, we use a non-chemical odor treatment that is cost-effective and safe for use on both small and large batches of materials.

Our Textile Odor Removal Process

Other companies typically use masking agents to treat odors; however, these products cover up the scent instead of eliminating it. Additionally, these agents are frequently oil-based, meaning they leave residue marks on treated surfaces. For these reasons, MFD has developed a proprietary odor removal process that empowers us to safely remove (not mask) lingering odors from an impressive range of materials more effectively than anyone else.

We never use masking agents or ozone (an oxidizing agent that changes the treated material’s composition) to treat foul smells. This is because our research and other independent studies have proven that ozone degrades paper and results in fading, the loss of tensile strength, and a reduced lifespan. Instead, we eliminate foul odors. Our chemical-free textile odor removal process causes no further damage and leaves no residue on your surfaces. That is why so many people come to us for affordable treatment of their libraries, legal documents, and collections of:

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